Records Management Training Course

From 2015 to present, the Archives of Macao co-organized with the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau various training courses related to records management.


Training course

2015 to 2016

Planning of Records Management

2015 to 2019

Public Records Management

2019 Preservation of Public Records
2020 Best Practices on Retention Periods and Disposal of Common Administrative Records

Best Practices on Public Records Management


Since 2022

Foundation of Records Management

Common Administrative Records Management

Preservation of Records


Planning and organization of records management training courses for public offices

Upon the request of some public offices, the Archives of Macao planned and organized records management training courses in light of their records management situations. The training courses covered basic concepts of records management, reviewing of the records classification scheme of the respective public office and guidance for doubts and practical problems in records management. From 2015 to present, the Archives of Macao provided the above-mentioned service to the Education and Youth Bureau, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Social Welfare Bureau, Sports Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Financial Services Bureau, University of Macao and Government Information Bureau.


Lectures and seminars

To increase the understanding of public offices in the Macao Special Administrative Region about records management, the Archives of Macao invited professionals from different countries and regions to give lectures and seminars on a range of topics in the area of records management.


Public lecture


Management of digital records


Records Managemen"  and Digitization of Paper Records 


Management of digital records and good practices of digital preservation


Retention and preservation of public records


Seminar on Records Disaster Prevention and Recovery


Seminar on Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Records – Experiences of Australia and Mainland China

2021 Pest Management in Archives (online)