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Privacy Policy - Archives of Macao

The website of the Archives of Macao, a unit of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, (hereafter referred to as "AM website" or "this website") highly values the privacy rights of its users. Elaborated below is the AH website's privacy policy, which is based on the legal rationale of the "Personal Data Protection Act". This website commits itself to including all registered personal data within the scope of protection of the present policy and pledges to provide its users with a safe and reliable web-based platform.

1) Scope of Application
The current privacy policy is applicable to the website of the Archives of Macao of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the government of Macao Special Administrative Region: "".

2) Gathering of Personal Data
It is not necessary to provide personal data in order to use this website. Only when using the services listed below will several basic items of personal data be required.

a. "Reader's Card Application"

To further improve our services, we require our users to complete an application form when they apply for a reader's card. By becoming a reader, the user gives his/her consent to the transfer of his/her personal data to the automated management system of the Historical Archives of Macao for processing, and he/she agrees to receive emails from the Archives about its new holdings and activities.

Generally speaking, only "reader's card number" and "password" are required to access on-line services provided on this website, no additional application is necessary.

b. Viewing of personal data

To view the personal data that he/she provided in the application for reader's card or to use the on-line services listed below, a user must log in to this website with correct "reader's card number" and "password" at the top right of the home page. On-line services include:

  • View and change personal data
  • Change password
  • Access to records

c. "Message box"

Any enquiries and suggestions about the Archives' services and activities should be left in the "Message box" with "Name", "Contact No.", "E-mail" and "Message".

3) Confidentiality Measures in Processing Personal Data
All personal data registered on the AH website or "Reader's Card Application" will be protected by the security system of the Historical Archives of Macao of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the government of Macao Special Administrative Region. Only authorised personnel will have access to such data.

4) Data Utilization
When a user accesses this website and uses the on-line services provided on this website, he or she agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the current privacy policy, accepting that this website or its collaborator(s) may use, reveal or convey, within a reasonable scope, all registered data. In addition, the user should also read the independent agreements or the indicated conditions of use of certain services provided on this website and be aware of the eventual use of his or her personal data. The personal data collected on this website or through "Reader's Card Application" will be used mainly to:

  • identify users to provide them with various services;
  • verify the identity and registration of users in order to maintain an accurate contact list;
  • respond to users’ demands
  • increase the quality and widen the scope of services provided on this website;
  • serve as statistical data;
  • conduct opinion polls or market studies relating to existing or future services.

5) Revelation of data

  • Users’ personal data will not be ceded, commercialised or freely revealed to third parties without the authorisation of the user, except under the following circumstances as stipulated by law:
    • pursuant to legal provisions;
    • when required by any judicial organ or other competent authority pursuant to legal procedures;
    • to guarantee the services provided on this website and the property, rights and interests of related web pages;
    • in the case of an emergency, to guarantee the safety of this website's service users, personal security or public interest.
  • Apart from personal data, any question, opinion and suggestion conveyed or published on this website will be considered non-confidential and non-exclusive information being voluntarily submitted.  This website has the right to reproduce, reveal, convey, publish and promote such information.
  • Message left in the "Message box" on this website will be made available for on-line searching. Information to be revealed includes "date of message", "subject" and "message".

6) Revision of Privacy Policy
This website may at any time review its current Privacy Policy, substituting a revised version for the purpose of elucidation. In the event that there is a substantial amendment regarding the use of personal data, a notification will be posted on the main webpage. 
For more information or to make a comment, please contact us via telephone, mail or email at

Thank you.