Reader's Card Application

Reader's Card Application

  1. Researchers can register for a reader's card at the Archives website ( No registration fee is charged.
  2. To register, simply go to the "Reader's Card Application" page, enter the required information and click the "Submit" button.
  3. The reader's card of researchers who have registered online can be collected at the Archives' Reception Desk upon presentation of identification document.


Use of Research Area

  1. Only reader's card holders may use the Research Area.
  2. Please present your reader's card and leave your personal belongings in the lockers before entering the Research Area.
  3. Researchers may request materials at the Reception Desk. Up to three microfilms may be consulted at a time.
  4. Researchers must return all materials and microfilms before leaving the premises.  Researchers should notify Archives staff if they intend to leave the premises briefly. In case researchers are away for over 30 minutes, the materials and microfilms being consulted before they left the premises shall be considered as ready to return.
  5. Materials and microfilms shall be returned not less than 15 minutes before the closing of the premises.
  6. Requests to consult material on Saturdays must be submitted by 17:00 on Friday afternoon.
  7. Archives and reserved printed materials shall only be accessed through microfilms.
  8. All materials must be consulted in the Research Area.
  9. Materials, microfilms and microfilm readers should be used properly during consultation.
  10. Only pencils may be used in the Research Area.
  11. Writing, altering, folding or handling materials in any way that might cause damage are prohibited.
  12. Smoking, eating and drinking, excessive noise and littering are prohibited to protect the environment of the Research Area.
  13. Use of mobile phone and video or camera device are not allowed in the Research Area.
  14. The Archives retains the right to remove all materials left unclaimed for over 24 hours.
  15. Researchers requiring assistance from Archives staff may ask at the Reception Desk


Reproduction Services

  1. Researchers may request reproductions at the Reception Desk.
  2. Only materials open to the public may be reproduced.
  3. Researchers must observe copyright laws.
  4. Forms of “Reproduction Request” should be filled with correct and clear information
  5. If the reproduction of materials is requested for any purpose other than personal research, the researcher must declare this on the “Reproduction Request”and obtain the Archives approval before the request can be processed.
  6. Reproduction services are provided in line with the "Performance Pledge" published by the Archives. Requests not covered by the “Performance Pledge” will be met whenever possible.
  7. Reproduction services are charged according to the fee table in article 9 of the "Regulations of Historical Archives" approved under Administrative Rule no. 183/89/M and revised under Administrative Rules no.171/91/M and no.165/93/M and Instruction of SASC no. 09/2006.
  8. Reproduction must be made by Archives staff
  9. Archives staff will notify researchers for collection and payment when the reproduction is ready.
  10. The Archives will dispose of reproduction that is unclaimed for over 6 months.